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9 Ways Your Team Can Help with Marketing Efforts

Top Fox Marketing loves helping our clients any way possible, which is why we came up with these simple steps to help with your own team’s internal marketing efforts. Many of these tips are free and increase your chances of retaining current clients and gaining new ones. 

  1. Be Proactive on Social Media 

Consistency is key. Create a habit of posting daily or weekly on social media including LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Edit your posts so that they are appropriate for the platform on which you are posting. For instance, be more formal and professional on LinkedIn, and more fun and creative on Instagram. Utilize tools such as stories and create polls to keep people engaged.

Note: Sprout Social fosters new relationships and allows businesses to measure performance on social media platforms (more on Sprout Social later). 

  1. Engage in Social Media Efforts 

It is important to engage with current and potential clients on social media platforms. To do so, follow, like, share, and comment on their feed to show that you are interested in keeping up with their business. 

Another way to utilize social media is to create give-aways. For example, have people follow your page, like your post, tag a friend, and share your post on their stories to be nominated for a gift give-away. You can give away company swag, snacks, or anything else, like a free consultation. 

  1. Housewarming Gifts and Traction Events 

Hold traction events one time per year and invite clients, customers, prospective clients, referral partners, and business associates. 

Housewarming and traction events bring your network together. These types of events help companies gain momentum and start new projects. Posting these events on social media spreads the word. Even if people cannot come, they know that your company is networking and making an effort to grow your business.  

  1. Thank You Notes and Referral Gifts 

Everyone enjoys being acknowledged and appreciated. Thank you notes and referral gifts are a fantastic way to promote your company while showing gratitude to your clients. Use thank you notes and referral gifts when someone refers you to a new or potential client. Brownies, gift baskets, and company swag are just a few examples of referral gift ideas. 

  1. Project Completion Gifts 

Send completion gifts to clients when you finish big projects with them. For example, send personalized gifts specific to the project that you completed, or a nice bottle of champagne (make sure they indulge). Client gifts show that you value their business and that you took the time and money to show your respect. 

It is always a good idea to finish a project with a celebration and acknowledge the hard work that was put in. 

  1. Nextdoor Posts 

Nextdoor is an app designed to share local recommendations, promote community events, and more. Like other social media apps, Nextdoor displays news feeds that you can view and interact with, plus it is a great platform for businesses to sell products and services. Management should utilize the Nextdoor app to promote housewarming and traction events. 

Note: this social media platform should be used  for local audiences. 

  1. Google My Business Maintenance 

Google My Business is a free service that allows you to control how your business looks across Google services, such as Google search. This tool helps people to find you if you are in a particular area and you work in a specific field of business. For example, if you were to search “Marketing Agencies in Boulder,” Top Fox Marketing will be high up on that list if you utilize Google My Business.  

  1. Reviews and Testimonial Campaigns 

Reviews are a fantastic way to gain credibility, trust, and loyalty between you and your clients. When your company is credible, you have a higher conversion rate, which directly translates into more sales. Additionally, reviews boost your businesses organic search ranking. 

  1. Social Media Planning 

Planning out social media posts is a free and easy way to boost your internal marketing efforts. Utilize platforms such as Sprout Social to make posting easy and organized. Top Fox Marketing uses Sprout Social to plan our weekly posts and generate future feeds. You can post on multiple platforms from one simple website. 

Plan your posts at least a week in advance so that you do not have to stress about it the day of. Give yourself time to go back and edit your posts, so that they come out exactly the way you want. 

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