Grow Your Business by Outsourcing Your Marketing Department

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A fractional marketing department can bring the same (or better) expertise, can save you time and money and brings a full bench strength of highly vetted marketing specialists. The money saved by hiring a fractional marketing department will certainly boost your bottom line, but it’s not all your business will gain. Whether they’re reinvigorating your […]

3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Marketing Agency

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Running ads is not a marketing strategy. Posting a price list on Facebook, once a week, is not a marketing strategy. Handing out business cards at your kid’s soccer game is not a marketing strategy. Marketing is an art, a science, and a full-time job…but it’s not your job. Your job is putting every ounce […]

Demystifying Marketing Myths

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From the day we’re born, we’re surrounded by myths – long-held beliefs spurred on through the ages by outrageous tales and the storyteller’s-cousin’s-neighbor’s-babysitter’s-great aunt who once knew someone to whom the urban legend occurred. Remember chain letters and Bloody Mary? History is fraught with myths later debunked by science and technology: The Earth is flat […]

Promotional Videos for Business

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Sutula Marketing is pleased to announce that we’ve added promotional business videos to our catalog of expertise. By adding this service, we continue bringing all the facets of marketing together providing an efficient, effective, holistic approach with your customers in mind. When it comes to promoting your business – text is good, images are great, […]

Why Switch to WordPress

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Running a business without a website is like holding a baby without a diaper – sloppy, inefficient, and guaranteed to drive people away. Whether solely online or based in brick and mortar, your company website is key to connecting with your customers. From BigCommerce to BoldGrid, Shopify to Squarespace, Weebly to Wix; there are hundreds […]

How to Balance Your Marketing Portfolio

The word diverse brings to mind many things: Diversification of funds Diversity in the workplace Income diversity Regardless of the subject, the sentiment is the same; there’s safety in numbers when balancing risk versus reward. Employees from different backgrounds, assets divided into numerous investments, multiple sources of income, or in this case – a balanced […]

How to Grow Your Audience by Posting Your Content on Medium

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Pouring your heart and head into your content then not posting it on Medium, is like baking a big, beautiful birthday cake, then not inviting anyone to blow out the candles; it’s sad, wasteful, and makes zero wishes come true. You put a lot of time, energy, research, and wit into crafting an experience to […]

14 Tips for Great Blog Posts

1. Always offer something of value The most important way to get readers to engage with a post is to provide information of value. That means hints, hacks, tricks, tips, inspirational stories, how-to guides, recipes, and product or service reviews relevant to your field. It may seem counterintuitive at first, giving away all your insider […]