Promotional Videos for Business

Sutula Marketing is pleased to announce that we’ve added promotional business videos to our catalog of expertise. By adding this service, we continue bringing all the facets of marketing together providing an efficient, effective, holistic approach with your customers in mind.

When it comes to promoting your business – text is good, images are great, but video is superb! According to research, 80% of people recall a video ad they viewed in the past 30 days. Video also gives you far more bang for your buck as 64% of folks are more likely to buy a product or service after seeing a promotional video. Whether telling your brand story, educating customers, or just showing your corporate personality – companies using video generate 41% more web traffic than those that don’t.


Our process begins with a strategy session in which we’ll discuss the purpose of your video, the message you want to convey, and the vibe you wish to promote. From live-action to cartoons to Claymation, with music or voice over, professional, informational, or demonstrative, serious, fun or somewhere in between – we’ll first nail down the concept then move on to step two.

Script Development

Once we’ve decided on your video concept, we’ll work with you on developing your script. Your script may be read by one of our professional voice over talents or displayed as text throughout the video. Together, we’ll find the right words for transmitting your company’s passion for its products or services. We’ll also discuss your target audience and how best to reach and engage them.


The third part of the process is taking your concept and script and building them into a mini-masterpiece of cinematic proportions. Once the first draft is complete, we’ll send you a link for viewing the video. After you’ve screened the video, we’ll discuss and implement any changes you’d like to see. Two edits are included with your video package.


When the video is to your liking, we’ll mix and master the final cut and deliver the polished version to you via MP4. You then own the rights to the video and can use it for all desired purposes.

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