Tis the season!

Seasonal Marketing Strategies for the Holidays

When it comes to holiday marketing strategies, it’s often overwhelming to plan seasonal campaigns and come up with fresh ideas. This year, rather than recycling old marketing materials, be creative and entice customers into interacting with your brand. To help you get started, here are a few tactics to freshen up your digital presence and attract new and existing customers. 


Video content is a fantastic way to bring your brand to life. With more than 2 million users, Youtube is the world’s second largest search engine, yet many businesses fail to utilize this channel. While true that quality video content creation is time consuming, it is well worth the time investment. Why not take your best content and repurpose it though videography? Incorporating video is another way to improve your SEO and make your website more interactive and lively.


Who doesn’t love an unexpected gift? Make someone’s day AND put your brand in the palm of their hand! Here are some items that easily generate brand awareness because they look great when imprinted with your logo:

Pro Tip:  Choose items that people enjoy using so your logo becomes part of their everyday life. For customers, the ultimate gift is a sale or discount; everyone loves a good deal and people are shopping around the holidays. 


Personalized campaigns work best around the holidays, (and pretty much all the other times, too) because they make people feel valued. Personalization helps attract new clients and retain the ones you already have. An efficient way to individually address the recipients of your content is through tools like, Hubspot and Mailchimp. Both platforms allow you to upload your client lists and use tokens or tags for personalization. 

Charitable Contributions

If you own or work for a B2B business, you may find holiday gift-giving more challenging than your B2C counterparts. Instead of giving tangible gifts, consider gifting your clients a donation to the charity or non-profit organization of their choice. What better way to show your clients that you appreciate them while also giving back to your community?

Tips & Tricks

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  • Charitable contributions