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Take a peek at our FOXY NEW WEBSITE

Top Fox Marketing just got a whole lot foxier… Head on over to to check-out our slick new website! What to expect? Flame throwers, adventure riders, heady thoughts and a whole lot more. The site features a dynamic new look and feel, fresh new content, a round-up of our ever-expanding services and a showcase of the many different ways we’re shaping AMAZING together with our clients

We are incredibly passionate about marketing and the success of each and every one of our clients. The new is our way of outwardly sharing and celebrating those passions. We want you to be as invigorated by our work as we are!

You might be wondering why we actually needed, or more accurately wanted, to refresh our site. The team at the Fox’s Den sat down a couple of months ago to reflect on where we’ve been, and more importantly, where we’re headed. We brought in a world class mentor and business coach to facilitate our internal discussion. (Shout out to Cindy Carrillo, founder of The Immersion coaching program and a valued Top Fox client.) 

What came out of that session is what you see represented on our new website. An expression of who we are TODAY as a company, a team and as individuals. We’re pretty darn proud of all three. We’re even MORE proud of the successes we’re driving in partnership with our clients. Check out our client case studies [link to case study page] for some serious marketing inspiration!

Making Time for Your OWN Brand

We’d be remiss if we didn’t take this opportunity to talk about the importance of brand. We are after all marketers 😉 You’ve undoubtedly heard the saying about the cobbler whose children have no shoes. This is especially common in marketing. We often forget, or frankly neglect, to put the same time and care into our own brand. A big mistake for a number of reasons. Consider this, would you go to a hairstylist with dirty, unkempt hair or a restaurant where the staff won’t eat their own food? We didn’t think so (we wouldn’t either). 

This applies to businesses of all types. Customers are judging your “book” by its cover. You may have the best product or service on the planet, but if it’s poorly represented (i.e. marketed) you’re as good as dead in the water. Brands need to put the SAME time and care into your own brand as you do what you sell. 

Brand Maintenance—A Marathon, Not a Sprint

Brands are living, breathing entities that are continually evolving. It’s important to refresh your brand periodically. You can take some time to sit back and enjoy the results… as long as you don’t sit back too long. There’s no one and done when it comes to maintaining a brand identity. Company’s need to regularly take inventory of your own brand for a number of reasons.

  • Keep it fresh and relevant
  • Reflect who you are today, not 5 years ago
  • Attract the customers you want
  • Put your best foot forward always


How to Know When it’s Time for a Rebrand or Brand Refresh

Below are a handful of questions to ask yourself about your company’s brand.

  • Are you proud of it? Does it represent you and your company in a positive light?
  • Would you want to patronize your own business based on its brand?
  • Does the brand speak to your current target audience?
  • Is your brand relevant? Does it reflect the business today and fully encompass what you do?
    • Are you offering new products or services? 
    • Has your business pivoted or changed in a significant way?
  • Is there an opportunity to level-up your current brand? Make it work harder for you? 

These are all questions Top Fox Marketing can, and would LOVE to help you answer! There is nothing we enjoy more than hearing from you. Drop us a line to let us know what you think about our brand refresh, inquire about our stellar marketing services or simply say hello!

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  • Making time for your own brand
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