The First Sutula Marketing Retreat

When your team is spread throughout the country, it’s important to wrangle them in from time to time; and so, began the first Sutula Marketing Retreat. From as far away as Texas and Tampa, planes arrived carrying Marketing Managers and Graphic Designers eager to lunch, learn, and laugh in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. Mesmerized by the mountains, (and humidity down in the double digits,) the remote workers set off to business brunches and tech-talks over tea before an evening of sight-seeing and craft beer.

filed and mountains in Boulder Colorado

Breakfast & Bonding

On the first official day of the retreat, those from out-of-town met the Colorado crew (some for the first time) at corporate. Over granola and croissants, everyone showed off pictures of their kids, bragged about their spouses, and got to know the people behind the video conferences and emails.

Sutula’s founder and CEO, Lindsay, then had each team member give a short presentation about a project of which they were particularly proud. The talent was vast and as unique as the people presenting; from intricate art and board game creation to cartoon voices and national commercials, massive state-wide marketing make-overs to ground-breaking grand openings in New York City. An unsurprisingly eclectic group comprising a multi-faceted marketing agency.

Strengths Workshop

Before the retreat, the Sutula crew was asked to take the Top 5 Clifton Strengths Assessment to uncover:

  • A basic understanding of innate talents and success
  • A deeper understanding leading to greater confidence and empowerment
  • An easy way to describe unique talent DNA
  • Improved performance at work and anywhere
  • Success in spite of weaknesses

During the workshop, Cindy Carrillo from 2 Degrees Coaching, explained each person’s strengths while comparing and contrasting them with others on the team. It was an incredibly insightful exercise that led to a real understanding of how we can better work with and support each other, along with some hilarious “oh that’s why he/she does that” moments!

two people hugging in a room full of people

Client Happy Hour

Once the company business was complete, it was time to toast our amazing clients (and each other!) Over impeccable hors d’oeuvres and buckets of beer and wine, Team Sutula got in some face-to-face schmooze time with the people behind the brands. It was a real treat to shake hands with – and hear kind words of thanks from – those whose businesses we’ve helped to grow.

happy hour collage

Dinner and Goodbyes

Once happy hour wound down, Lindsay took the entire Sutula team out for our last supper together. Amazing food, additional alcohol, and another chance to bond with coworkers were enjoyed by all. By the time we (reluctantly) said our goodbyes, there was no doubt that the first Sutula Marketing Retreat was a huge success!

The next day, as we all returned to work in our hometowns – we did so with new friends, stronger client relationships, and the feeling that we belong to one helluva team!

Thank you to our clients – we wouldn’t be here without YOU!

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