Why You Should Run a Facebook Likes Campaign

We may not be in high school, but popularity still matters…on Facebook anyway.

Regardless of what your 15-year-old daughter says – the majority of the world still uses Facebook every day – the people making purchasing decisions anyway. Opting out of a business page is equivalent to leaving your customers to the competition.

Facebook usage pie chart

These days, with Facebook’s ever-changing algorithms, simply creating and optimizing a business page isn’t enough. Consistently posting and engaging with your followers, while important, still isn’t adequate for bringing an avalanche of new leads and sales. Today, getting your content and marketing in front of your target audience starts by showing Facebook that people want what you’re selling. The easiest way to do that is by amassing likes on your page, and here’s how it’s done.

What is a Facebook Likes Campaign? 

A Facebook likes campaign is a marketing tool for introducing your business to people who may have never heard of it.  Simply put, it’s an ad targeting an audience of your choosing, asking them to click the like button on your page. Contrary to popular belief, this ad isn’t only aimed at potential customers (though you’d welcome them all) but rather at anyone who might be interested in your content or your brand. Think of it like this, Geico puts out hilarious television commercials – all of which live on their YouTube channel boasting over 1.5 million subscribers – yet, not all of those people have Geico insurance (or even cars for that matter) but they love their content. When a friend asks their opinion on car insurance – guess who’ll they’ll automatically recommend…Create a compelling ad and watch the likes come rolling in! This social proof is what causes those who are most interested in your products or services to click through to your website and buy.

Why Run a Facebook Likes Campaign?

The endgame isn’t touting your ultra-popular business page, (though it is pretty cool,) it’s preparing your page for running marketing ads to potential customers and garnering more business. Above all else, Facebook is a social platform built with the user experience in mind.

Because of this, Facebook considers anyone who has previously interacted with your brand part of your warm audience pool, and as such will put your ad in front of those people and others like them! This increased reach is the gold-standard in digital advertising and the best way of lowering your costs. Win-Win!

How to Run a Facebook Likes Campaign

  • Set up your Facebook Ads Manager
  • Choose an objective – for a likes campaign we want Engagement
  • Select your audience using Facebook targeting (choose attributes you typically think of within your target audience as those people are more likely to share with potential customers🙂
    • Age
    • Behaviors
    • Connections
    • Education
    • Ethnic Affinity
    • Financial
    • Gender
    • Generation
    • Home
    • Interests
    • Languages
    • Life Events
    • Location
    • Politics
    • Relationship
    • Work
  • Set your budget
  • Schedule the time your ad will run
  • Choose a delivery method
  • Create your ad

That’s it!

A likes ad is the easiest to set up, the most cost-effective, and the best way of priming Facebook for impressions when you begin running traffic ads for website clicks.

We’d love to help you with this and all your marketing needs. Let’s talk!

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